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Sports gambling company Draft Kings

Sports gambling company Draft Kings news

Sports gambling company(카지노사이트) Draft Kings will acquire and merge online casino game company Golden Nuggets Online Gaming (hereinafter referred to as Golden Nuggets).

The acquisition price is set at $1.56 billion (1.8 trillion won); existing Golden Nuggets shareholders will receive 0.365 shares of Draft Kings during the merger.

Draft Kings has been looking for opportunities to diversify its business in addition to sports gambling.

The Golden Nuggets acquisition means that the casino business has been chosen as one of the future growth engines.

In the future, Draft Kings will acquire casinos by acquiring tangible and intangible assets such as game brands and 5 million members through the acquisition of Gold Nuggets.

Both companies’ share prices have risen amid expectations of synergies between gambling companies and casino companies; in particular, Gold Nuggets’ share price rises are prominent.

First, the draft kings’ share price rose 1.49% to $ 52.36 on the 9th.

Golden Nuggets’ share price surged 50.77% from the day before to $ 18.5.

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