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How to Spin Roulette Ball, What are Betting Position and Betting Odds

How to Spin Roulette Ball, What are Betting Position and Betting Odds

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Roulette is a game in which the croupier spins the roulette wheel clockwise and

throws the ball counterclockwise, then where the ball stops is the winning number.

To start the game, the dealer must spin the ball and this action is called ‘spinning’.

There are few methods in ball spinning, but since there is a difference in hand size between Westerners and Asians, the manner of ball spinning varies in people.

Here we will explain ball spinning used in local casino, more suitable for Asian hands.

How to hold and spin the ball

  • The dealer should select ball in a size suitable for one’s hand.
  • When spinning the wheel, the dealer has to control the speed so that the numbers on the wheel’s pocket can be seen.
  • Hold the ball gently with the thumb and middle finger, and use index finger as a support.
  • Grab the ball near the second knuckle of the middle finger and get close to the track of the wheel, then let the lower part of the wrist touch the rim of the Wheel.
  • Flick the ball by drawing in the middle finger towards the palm.
  • Once the ball starts to spin, closed the hand and move it away from the rim of the Wheel.
  • When doing the above action, the arm should be kept straight, also back of the hand should be at the same level facing upward.
  • Do not bend the wrist or turn the palm upward to which the ball may jump out of the wheel. Always pay attention to the posture.
  • Until the ball rests on pocket of the wheel, the dealer has to keep an eye on the layout and not the wheel.

What to Do in case of “No Spin”

When the game can not be continued after ball spinning under circumstances, follow below guideline.

The 바카라사이트 dealer announces no game when :

  • The ball did not rotate more than 3 or 4 times
  • The ball spun off the wheel
  • When the ball rotates in the same direction as the wheel
  • When a foreign object or another ball goes inside the wheel

In case any of above incidents happen, the dealer immediately calls ‘no spin’ or ‘no game’ and either suspends or restarts the game.

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