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Basics on Handling Casino Chips

Basics on Handling Casino(카지노사이트) Chips – How to Hold and Collect Chips

Here we will discuss three ways on how to hold a chip.

A. Stack

A pile of 20 chips arranged in a single column is called a ‘stack’.

Most of the staff working in the casinos are required to learn how to pick exact one stack using their hands.

B. Palm Stack

This is when one uses palm and five fingers to wrap one stack of chips from the top.

If one grabs the stack too hard, the pile may break or chips can fall so be cautious to use a gentle grip.

C. Pencil Stack

It is called such as the hand shape resembles that of holding a pencil.

This method is for picking less than 20 chips.

If the grip is too strong, the chips may fall forward thus be gentle.

How to Collect the Chips – Chips Raking, Chips Mucking

A. Chips Raking, Mucking

These are ways to pick up the chips taken in roulette or other games.

  • Gently press the front part of a chip using a thumb
  • Hold the front and back of a chip using thumb and index finger and slightly pick it up
  • Turn the chip around and wrap it inside the palm
  • Pick chips one by one

B. Chips Stacking

This is how to make a single stack after picking up chips.

  • When you sense each hand has picked up around 10 chips, combine them in both hands to build one stack.
  • When stacking, place one hand on top and the other below to combine.

How to Cut Chips and Sizing Them

Chips cutting means to make the stack column evenly in same height, and it is one of basic skills needed to change and pay chips.

Cutting chips is most important part in basic skills of casino gaming.


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